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During the first lockdown when all the shops were shut, I really wanted a new pair of trousers to replace a favourite pair that were  wearing out.  I ordered some fabric and dropped off the fabric and the old pair at Nasrin’s.  She made an identical pair within days – no fitting required.  What a skilled seamstress she is!
Jenny, May 2021

Nasrin undertook narrowing the shoulders of a blouse for me, which she performed impeccably. She was equally successful shortening some stretchy trousers for my granddaughter.
Judy, May 2021

Just wanted to say how beautifully Nasrin has altered my trousers.   They are just right now and it is so good to be able to wear them.   She is clearly most skilled and I wish her well in her future work.
Prue, May 2021

We have been delighted with the standard of alteration service Nasrin provides.
She has done several alterations for us over the last year. They are completed very quickly and always just as we asked.
I would strongly recommend her.
Aileen, May 2021

Nasrin recently made me a lovely shirt from fabric I had bought. Beautifully finished, and exactly as I had asked – without a pattern!
Sue, July 2021

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